Assignment #4: Social Media Presence/LinkedIn

Social Media Presence-LinkedIn

Presently, social media is playing a significant role in the lives of all people globally (Waldman, 2013). Social media has provided opportunities for employees and employers, and it is possible for an individual to seek employment by posting their profile on social media (Broughton, Foley, Ledermaier & Cox, 2013). LinkedIn is one of the professional social media websites that organizations use to seek information about potential employees (Shin, 2014). Social media presence creates an opportunity for both the employers and the employees to interact, thus, the employers get the opportunity to choose the best candidate.

Situation Analysis

There are many career choices are come under consideration as the most sort after by students because of the general nature of the market. In general, there is the feeling in the market that most business and especially human resource management students are well paid leading to the conclusion that it is an excellent market to work (Schwartz & Pelster, 2016). With that in mind, there has been the entrant of many graduates into the market. Despite the entry of many graduates, the market demand for innovative and well-equipped graduates is on the rise as organizations want to hire the best. The demand is due to the growth in the number of businesses coming up, and they all require skilled people in business and human resource fields. Also, with technology, there has been the creation of many opportunities leading to the creation of more job opportunities and, in turn, leading to the demand for human resource managers.

There are many other competitors in the industry. Economic graduates are direct competitors as the two courses have some aspects that are common. In areas whereby some organizations are not very strict on the graduate they want to hire, business and economic professions are taken to be similar regarding skill endowment, and they are assumed to substitute one another. There are other potential competitors such as actuarial scientist although in an indirect way. As a business profession, there is the specialization of my skills after majoring. With majoring, there is the study of a business aspect in depth and, in this case, it is the human resource.

As a business profession, there are various companies needs that are of importance. Despite the working conditions varying there is the targeting of training other people in the attempt of passing skills down to other persons. Identifying the needs and objectives of a company and promoting knowledge acquisition is an area of importance (LinkedIn Report, 2015). Also, recruiting and staffing is an area of interest as it is the overall function of human resource management.

Goals and Objectives

In the management of human resource, the experience is an asset especially when there is the advancement of an individuals career. The greatest goal at this point is to gain experience through working in a reputable organization. In the attempt to gain experience, there will be the entry into an organization at the lowest level that my academic qualifications will allow. With experience, promotion is on the cards. There is the expectation of promotion in 5 years time. With about ten years of experience, promotion to director of personnel is expected. As a director, five years more experience at the top of the human resource, executive positions will be on the cards. Despite the ambitions, education advancement is a significant aspect to help in the growth and promotion in the corporate world. A masters degree would be ideal to supplement my bachelor’s degree. Also, a professional certificate would be helpful in the advancement of my career. To further enhance my skills, connecting with other human resource personnel from all walks of life and other organizations would be useful. The participation in workshops and seminars would be helpful in enhancing my skills further.

There are many organizations relevant to the human resource profession (Waldman, 2013). However, preference is to work in multinational organizations as these groups provide the opportunity to head many people of different culture and traditions. Working in multinationals especially for service delivery organizations is a conducive environment to lead a group of workers who are innovative and a large pool of talent. Working in the provision of services especially in the e-commerce industry would provide a challenging environment useful for personal growth. Alternatively, working in a consultation firm would be ideal especially as a training and development manager.

Critical Elements

The service industry is the target as consultation firms are in the service industry. Also, working in organizations that deliver services is the ideal opportunity. Presently, many organizations are embracing technology in the day to day operations (Losey, Meisinger, & Ulrich, 2007). An employee who has basic computer skills is an advantage. I possess computer skills that I believe will be useful in my service delivery. I have worked in many organizations, and my greatest strength is being a team player. I am a team player who can listen to other team members and ensure that the team works to achieve the required results. Human resource management requires the incorporation of all people from different cultures into a group that would work for the benefits of the company.

Students of business administration are competitors. The students may perform most duties in organizations including human resource management especially in organizations that cannot afford to hire many professionals. Also, economic students are competitors as they participate in many organizations operations. I am different from competitors in many ways. I am a self-driven individual who does not need supervision to work. I am a fast learner with good analytical skills that are essential for the delivery of my duties as a human resource manager.