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Being able to write a great social media essay is a great skill nowadays when blogging becomes very popular. Social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook became a great part of contemporary society, which cannot be underestimated. Almost every individual has a profile on social media platforms. No wonder that the popularity of social media essays continues to grow. But what skills should the person have to write a great social media essay? Our guide will greatly help you boost your writing skills obtaining more knowledge about social media essay writing. Also, we are going to provide you with a list of amazing social media essay topics and ideas that will greatly boost your writing inspiration. Let`s get started!

What Is Social Media Essay Writing?

A social media essay is a piece of writing that aims to introduce the important topic to the reader focusing on its key advantages and disadvantages. Such an essay should be based not on the writer`s perception but mainly on the accurate facts. The primary goal of such an essay is to provide the reader with a better understanding of a specific topic. No matter what subject you are covering in your paper, you should finalize your paper with a strong conclusion that will make the target audience reconsider their previous values and beliefs. Very often, a social media essay is written on the role of social media in human life. This issue is pretty sensitive and controversial, thus there exist opposing viewpoints on this topic. The way such a paper is developed depends on the nature of the task. As such, if the writer needs to create a persuasive essay, he or she needs to use the best arguments to convince their target audience to a particular viewpoint. If your professor asked you to write a social media essay, it is necessary to check all the instructions indicated in the writing prompt to make sure the task is manageable.

Create an Outline

Before you start writing your paper, you need to come up with a good outline that will help you organize the writing process carefully. Speaking figuratively, an outline is a skeleton of the essay that will enable you to keep all of your arguments, evidence, and insights in a logical order. A well-structured outline will include a thesis statement, significant arguments, as well as strong evidence supporting the author`s claims. Although many students underestimate the importance of the social media essay outline, we want you to understand that it is a particularly important organization instrument that will help you avoid including irrelevant or inappropriate information. Below, you will find an example of a simple outline written on a social media topic:

The Impact of Social Media on Human Life (Example)

Thesis statement: Even though it is impossible to underestimate the role of social media on human life, it has both positive and negative effects on society.
Main Body
1. Positive effects.

  • Impact on education;
  • Impact on communication;
  • Impact on business.

2. Negative effects.

  • Impact on mental health;
  • Impact on time-management;
  • Impact on spreading false information.


  • Restate the thesis statement;
  • Include a call to action.

Writing a Social Media Essay: Introduction

In a nutshell, a social media essay introduction is a roadmap that sets the tone for the whole essay. A well-written introduction grabs the reader`s attention from the very first lines making them engaged and interested in what is written. The primary goal of the introduction is to introduce a subject matter and provide the reader with sufficient background information. When writing your introduction, you may start by stating the broad concept gradually narrowing it down. Also, a social media essay intro should include a strong thesis statement that will outline the main idea of the essay.

Writing the Main Body

The main body of the social media essay should provide an explanation of the main points of the topic. Although there is no limit to the number of paragraphs, this number depends on how many points are discussed in the essay. The length of the main body greatly depends on the required length of the entire essay. No matter what social media essay topic you are covering in your paper, your main body paragraphs should follow the structure provided below:

  • A topic sentence
  • It is the very first sentence of your paragraph. It is closely related to a thesis statement and outlines the content of the entire paragraph;

  • An argument
  • Next, you need to include an argument related to your topic and back it up with good evidence. As for the evidence, you may include real-life examples, or quote reputed experts in your subject area;

  • Transition phrases
  • When analyzing the topic, you need to use smooth transitions when moving from one point to another. Smooth transitions will help you make your ideas easy-to-follow;

  • A summarizing sentence that will tie up everything that is told in the paragraph.

Creating a Social Media Essay Conclusion

A conclusion in a social media essay aims to help the reader understand the main points discussed within the previous parts. Pay attention that your conclusion should not include new details but it should just wrap up the abovementioned discussion. It is a section, in which you need to demonstrate your understanding of the topic and present your final thoughts on it. When writing a conclusion for social media essay, you need to re-state your thesis and remind your reader about the key points discussed in your paper.

Common Types of Social Media Papers

There can be different types of social media essays. The type of the essay you will need to write will define its structure, as well as your approach. Most probably, your professor will indicate in their prompt the essay type you will need to write. Knowing the characteristic features of your essay, you will be able to cope with your task successfully. Have a look at the main types of essays that can help you develop your topic:

  • Persuasive social media essay. As its title suggests, this essay aims to persuade the target audience in a particular viewpoint. When writing such an essay, you need to pick up the best arguments and evidence to help your reader figure out whether your position is correct;
  • Speech on a social media problem. Such a paper has many similar features to a persuasive essay. As well as a persuasive essay, it aims to interact with the audience convincing them that the writer`s opinion is correct. A speech is usually written on a special occasion, thus it should be maximally clear, detailed, and engaging;
  • A personal reaction social media essay. Such an essay requires no research. As it is clear from the title, this paper should focus on the author`s personal experience. Very often, such an essay aims to inform the readers about a positive or negative experience of using social media platforms;
  • Argumentative social media essay. Unlike a personal reaction essay, an argumentative one requires good work with credible and peer-reviewed academic sources, which should become a basis for the writer`s own arguments.

Undoubtedly, a social media essay can be of a different type. We highly recommend you check your professor`s guidelines in order to familiarize yourself with the tutor`s requirements precisely. Also, if you want to boost your writing proficiency and learn more about the essay type you will need to write, it is highly recommended to look for the well-written social media essay examples available in online databases. Using these samples, you will gain more inspiration for writing your own essay. However, if you find an essay written on your topic, pay attention that you are not allowed to copy-paste it since it will be considered plagiarism, which will have a negative effect on your academic reputation. Only if you submit an original essay free from mechanical mistakes, you will be able to receive a good grade.

Additional Suggestions on Writing a Social Media Essay

1. Choose a good topic. Having a good topic in mind will significantly save your time spent surfing through the web. The best social media essay titles are always compelling and catchy. A topic for your social media essay should be neither too broad nor too narrow. A good topic should fully match your research interests and provide you with room for discussion. Below, you will find a couple of examples of good social media essay topics:

  • Causes and consequences of cyberbullying;
  • Common social media policies in the workplace;
  • The significance of social media platforms in the educational community;
  • An analysis of social media addiction;
  • How a social media profile affects human self-identity?
  • Describe your first experience of using Instagram. Was this experience successful?

In case you experience any difficulties on the stage of topic choice, you are free to discuss it with your teacher. They will definitely provide you with some ideas that will help you understand which topic is the most appropriate for a social media essay.

2. Once the topic is chosen, carry out an in-depth investigation of your topic. If you are writing a personal essay, additional research is not required. However, if you need to submit any other essay type, you will need to explore your topic working with the most credible and accurate academic sources. Pay attention that these sources should be up-to-date and peer-reviewed since it is required by the rules of academic writing;

3. Use the right wording. When writing a social media essay, you may want to include some jargon or obscure words. However, you should not forget that a social media essay is a piece of academic writing, thus it should follow the latest standards and criteria accepted by the scholars;

4. Proofread your paper when it is written. As soon as you are done with writing your essay, you need to take some time to edit it properly. Thorough editing of your paper will definitely make you closer to your academic success since it will allow you to fix all the mistakes compromising the paper quality.
We assure you that by following these simple rules, you will succeed with writing not only a social media essay but also many other types of academic papers. Just keep in mind that a professional approach to work is your way to academic success.

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

If you want to succeed in writing a social media essay, you should understand its nature. In particular, you should know that the vast majority of such essays are always based on the comparison of the positive and negative effects of social media. Thus, we highly recommend you brainstorm your ideas in order to figure out what are the real positive and negative social media effects on human life. Let`s start with the positive ones:

  • Social media makes online education possible. Students can take various online courses improving their knowledge;
  • Social media improves socio-cultural issues making them known on a global scale;
  • Social media helps avoid bias in presenting information about vulnerable minorities;
  • Social media allow people to interact with each other without leaving their homes. In the time of Covid-19 pandemic, it is truly important;
  • Social media allows spreading accurate information about various issues;
  • Social media allows connecting professionals with each other easily establishing networking contacts.

However, along with numerous positive effects, social media has also a couple of negative effects, which should be mentioned as well:

  • Social media greatly affects human privacy;
  • Excessive staying online greatly affects human physical shape;
  • Sharing all kinds of information via Facebook or Instagram significantly affects personal privacy;
  • Adolescents misinterpret the concepts of the human body, wellness, and other important issues due to Instagram standards;
  • Social media made cyberbullying threat real;
  • Social media use increases the risks of identity theft.

As you can see, social media has both beneficial and harmful effects on society. By developing your essay in a good way, you will be able to make it interesting and engaging for your reader.

How to Choose a Great Social Media Topic?

Selecting a good subject for your social media essay is not an easy thing to do. However, you should understand that a good topic is half of success, thus you need to take enough time to choose the subject properly. Sometimes, choosing the topic may take more time than it was expected. In some cases, it may happen that the topic chosen does not allow finding the appropriate evidence. In such a way, you will need to fix or change it.
We highly recommend you chose a topic that matches your research interests since it will allow you to enjoy the process of writing your paper and make it interesting for your target audience. When choosing a topic, you may ask yourself a couple of questions mentioned below:

  • Do I like social media platforms? Which one seems to me more interesting than the others?
  • Do social media platforms take much time? How it can affect human life?
  • Are there more positive or negative effects of using social media platforms?
  • What are the main benefits and shortcomings of using social media?

By answering these questions, you will be able to figure out your own position and develop it in your essay.

What do other people think about your topic?

If you are not sure if the subject chosen for your essay is good enough, it is recommended to ask your friends or classmates about it. Having an objective opinion, you will definitely make the right choice.

Check if your topic provides you with room for discussion

Choosing a topic that is too narrow, you won`t be able to develop it from different perspectives. Consequently, your essay will be too shallow, which will greatly affect your grade.

Find Our List of Great Social Media Essay Ideas

Writing an essay on a social media topic is a pretty challenging, yet interesting task. If you lack good ideas for writing such an essay, make sure to have a look at some ideas that will help you boost your writing inspiration and create the best social media essay examples:

  • Why Twitter is popular among politicians?
  • Discuss the impact of social media on adolescents;
  • Explain the importance of LinkedIn in establishing work relations;
  • Analyze the ways of overcoming social media addiction;
  • List the key advantages and disadvantages of Facebook and analyze them;
  • How bloggers will survive if all social media platforms will disappear?
  • Is it possible to avoid using social media nowadays?
  • Is social media a serious trigger for cyberbullying?
  • Analyze the world before and after the appearance of social media;
  • Should people trust bloggers` recommendations when purchasing products and services? Why? Why not?
  • Discuss the social sites that help vulnerable people unite. Can social media platforms improve the life of these people?
  • How people become Instagram celebrities?
  • Should bloggers mention anywhere that they use Photoshop?
  • Do you agree with the statement that teachers should keep their private accounts away from their children?

We do hope that our creative ideas will help you boost your writing inspiration and develop great ideas and arguments in your essay. You can use any of these ideas as a topic for your essay or you may just study them and understand what are the main burning issues related to social media.
All in all, writing a social media essay is not a piece of cake for many students. Completing such a paper at a high level requires applying good writing and research skills, attention to detail, and accuracy. However, the ability to write a great essay is not a skill you are born with. By practicing a lot, you will be able to improve your writing, research, and analytical competencies.
We do hope that our suggestions, as well as our ideas, will help you succeed with this challenging assignment. However, even if you don`t receive a good grade for your social media essay, it is not a reason to fall into despair because this experience will help you become more confident and mature.