Paper Outline

1. Introduction

a) Attention getter: How positive or negative is technology to human life today?

b) Tapscott, who argues in support of technology that the continual feedback loop is helpful for personal, academic and career goals.

c) Turkle argues that the use of technology reduces the time available for us to sit and think uninterrupted.

d) Thesis statement: Turkles assertion is considered more accurate

2. Body: Reasons for supporting Turkles assertion

a) Technology has reduced the person-to-person connection and communication which hence leads to mechanized lifestyle.

b) There is no room for people to think through challenging tasks to find solutions since people run towards technology to solve problems.

c) The brain functions have changed since people multitask a lot and hence changing the way people behave.

3. Conclusion

The value of technology in social interaction and communication is drained according to Carr. Technology is viewed as a negative force in enhancing social interaction. It influences how people relate and communicate in modern society