Social Media Metrics Matrix

Nike, Inc. and Social Media Metrics Matrix


Many American mature brands are widespread due to constant activity on social media. Nowadays, social media technologies are extensively utilized by companies to improve organizational performance and transform the business. However, even the long-term history of national brand requires different social media vehicles to be included in the marketing strategy to make the brand currently popular. This essay observes Nike, Inc. in the social media marketing metrics matrix. In order to keep the brand image, Nike, Inc. actively promotes its advertising slogan just do it and the distinctive Swoosh logo. Moreover, Nike, Inc. becomes a sponsor for many sports and athletes team not only in the USA, but also all around the world. The company contributes vast investments in brand promotion and advertising to maintain and sustain worldwide image.

Nikes Social Media Marketing Metrics Matrix

As the international corporation, Nike cooperates with different social media marketing metrics matrix. Outdoor advertising, magazines, television, and the Internet take a great place in marketing strategy. Nike, Inc. utilizes television as the most powerful medium to attract consumers by innovative pictures, humor, and sound. Admittedly, the television advertisement reaches the target audience all over the world. Since Nike allocates enormous investments in promotion and advertising, the company takes advantage to attract the targeted clients.

The marketing benefit of magazines is the directly appeal to travel and sport interests or business people who are targeted in a particular way. There are specific magazines printed for the targeted category of readers. Additionally to distinct audience of magazine readers, great color production is a benefit that allows print ads to create strong advertising images (see image 1,2,3,4,5).

Despite the costly medium services, there is the most cost effective advertising vehicle known as outdoor advertising that includes billboards, bus stops, metropolitan areas, and highway decoration. The fleeting is widely used as well. It is worth noting that Nikes advertising was never focused on the product itself, but on the person, who is supposed to wear that item (Deng, 2009).

Based on the needs of the time, the Internet advertising becomes the most popular way to promote goods and services. Internet ads turn out to be the fastest-growing media vehicle. The success of such marketing mainly depends on the fact that Internet ads get the advantage of fast readers attention, active consumers involvement, and low cost. Nike official website represents the possibility for consumers to enjoy different advertisement. The advertising produced by Nike is always innovative, creative and attractive (Deng, 2009). Therefore, YouTube users and participants other Internet sources willingly share it.

While developing social media marketing metrics matrix for Nike, Inc. it is compulsory to consider the following aspects: own metrics and competitive set. Social metrics includes monitoring and listening. On the other hand, individual metrics and competitive set deal with customer care, platform metrics, and competitive metrics that include engagement, likes, and interactions (Sashi, 2012). The other step to follow for creating social media marketing metrics matrix is to analyze available online metrics that include advertising, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Also, the final step is a conversion from social media to purchase.

Proper realized social media marketing metrics matrix turns out to be an essential element for businesses. The matrix aligns social metrics to the business goals. Moreover, the matrix approach provides deep integration between the overall goals and social metrics (Sashi, 2012).

Nikes social media marketing metrics matrix is presented in the following graph. It depicts validity of each social medium vehicle utilized by Nike, Inc. (Deng, 2009).

Figure 1. Nikes Social Media Marketing Metrics Matrix


Nike does not create the advertising in its common sense, the company creates the fantastic, exciting, and sometimes mysterious vision of what the brand is and what does Nike, Inc. provide for its clients. Nike has its own unrepeatable culture of advertising. The Nikes advertising supports the companys philosophy of grit. Its main point is passion and determination of heroes in the humorous way. Nikes advertising is performed by many top sportsmen and athletes.