Option #1: Print and Social Media Campaign: Domestic

Print and Social Media Campaign

Executive Summary

Marketing is one of the most significantly important issues for any business. This paper is aimed to present discussion about marketing print and social marketing campaign. To complete this research, H&M, one of the most famous fashion brands, was picked as a domestic company with high business potential. The research will present a discussion about the 5Ps of marketing (product, place, promotion, price and profit), newspapers and online media which will be used to advertise the product, print media strategies, sales strategies and other marketing practices to raise sales and companys profit. In addition, the research includes images, advertising strategies and other media inserts to demonstrate marketing company fro H&M from A to Z. Finally, this research is aimed to develop and discuss a strong and up-to-date marketing strategy to take the company to a wholly new level.


Modern people have become more concerned about their look. Nowadays, individuals have more interest in the apparel and fashion business than they did several decades ago. In fact, it has become such a huge force in the world that the commodity market has grown by 4 per cent from proceeds of the fashion industry alone (Onkvisit and Shaw, 2014) The acquisition of apparel is expected to increase in the mainstream society in the same proportion as the progress existing in food industry (Oskamp and Spacapan, 1990). The fashion industry is majorly affected by existing or attitudes newly formed beliefs of the consumer towards a companys products.

Marketers define attitude as a learned tendency to respond in a constantly positive or negative manner in regard to a certain object (Onkvisit and Shaw, 2014) The influence of an attitude to affect interpretation and integration of the processes of product penetration in the market depends on various factors. These include the importance of the specific attitude, frequency of activation of the attitude, and the strength of association between an idea and its attitude. An attitude also is the general evaluation of a product, which is usually formed over time and satisfies an individuals motive. The evaluation influences the individuals purchasing habits. Attitudes are usually enduring, which means that they are hard to change or eliminate entirely. Consumers attitude comprises of various factors such as beliefs about a product, feelings, and behavioral objectives towards some object or product concerning marketing. The above components are interdependent and are the forces that influence how a customer reacts to a product. The product is mainly a brand or retail store. A consumers attitude varies in strength, especially when it comes to sensitive issues like fashion trends.

Background information about the company

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz AB) Company is made up of six independent brands and has some of the most trendy and renowned designers of clothing and apparels in the world. The company brands include COS, Monki, Cheap Monday, H&M, and Weekday. The company deals with both mens and womens outfits and accessories. The company is also well renowned for its quality products (Oskamp and Spacapan, 1990). Customers have often described it as durable and funk, making it the most prominent fashion and clothing brand in Sweden. It is recognized for its reasonable and fashionable clothing and accessories. It started off in 1947 as a small retail store for womens clothing. It is a privately owned company that has a widened range of services concerning garment construction, sale of clothes, and accessories. The company has various stores in Sweden, Chile, Netherlands, Germany, Asia and the USA. The Company believes in providing quality fashion at the best price in the market.

Over the years, the fashion industry has grown tremendously. Consumer attention was in the food industry, but lately, fashion has taken the lead. More focus has been paid to the attitudes that consumers have towards the fashion industry with more focus on a case study of H&M Company, to understand the fashion industry better. Even though the fashion industry has grown there are various problems that arise of the consumers attitudes: though people are more concerned about fashion, there exists an attitude- behavior gap as a concern to buy does not automatically materialize into an automatic purchase.

The aim of this study is to provide more knowledge of H&M Company that will facilitate the analysis of different drivers, which influence the attitude of consumers. The methods used for this research are qualitative. In this light, an online questionnaire will be sent to different consumers between the ages of sixteen and fifty- five. The sample size will comprise of thirty participants.

Product, Place, Promotion, Price and Profit


H&M is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. Due to its budget-friendly prices and mass-market production, this brand has managed to become very popular among young people between 17 and 28. To emphasize on product, H&M offers T-shirts, trousers, skirts, coats, sweates and other clothes.


As for place, the company chooses only central streets for its off-line stores. H&M boasts of renting the most luxury places in the world. It ensures good and high conversion. To emphasize on online shopping, the company ships worldwide. Due to cooperation with many opinion leaders, H&M successfully promotes its products online.


As it was already mentioned, H&M promotes its products via opinion leaders, bloggers, celebrities, top fashion models and cooperation with other fashion brands. For example, one of the recent and the most successful collaborations was H&M and Balmain, a luxury French brand.


The average price of one piece is usually between 10 and 50 USD. Due to sales and special offers many customers wait for sales season to save some money.


H&M company profit is about 2-4 billions per a year. It depends on a season and collaborations.

Print Advertising Campaign

Objectives of the print advertising campaign

The main objective of print advertising campaign is to keep up with H&M image and captivate new customers to a brand. In addition, the campaign is aimed to widen target audience and present new collection of a brand.

Names of print media where you will advertise your brand

When it comes to print media selection, one should keep a finger on the pulse and choose media that have equal age parameters. Elle girl, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Womens Health, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue are just a few popular print media that can be used in this campaign.

Print media strategies

The main aim of any marketing campaign is to raise sales so it is naturally for H&M as a fashion brand to present a new collection to captivate new customers and to keep up with interested of existing ones. Offering and promoting new collection is the best way to follow brands image in print media.

Evaluation metrics and message evaluations to measure success of the campaign

As the primary aim to captivate new customers, it is reasonably to choose conservative collection and cooperation with some famous brands to widen target audience. H&M art director has to pay attention to this fact and collaborate with marketing department in order to provide the needed collection.

Sales and response rates

Usually sales go up for 356 per cent when there is an advertising campaign in print social media. H&M fashion brand can surely rely on this campaign and expect high sales.

Design an ad that would be appropriate for your print media advertising.


Social Media Campaign

Objectives of the social media marketing campaign

The main objective of this social media campaign is to captivate as many Internet users as possible to buy H&M clothes. The good news is there are thousands of people connect the World Wide Web and it means H&M has new potential customers every day.

Names of social networking sites

Instagram and Facebook are two sources that will be primarily used to promote H&M fashion brand in social neworks. Both services allow to post visual objects and captivate customers for sales. In addition, Facebook boasts of an online shop every entrepreneur can connect to his Facebook page.

Social media strategies

Visual and relevant content, useful content is a great strategy to promote clothes online. Recommendations on style, information from beauty and fashion bloggers are just a few opportunities that can be used to promote a fashion brand.

Banner ad for facebook.



For H&M Company to sustain a sizable market share above the competition, it has to ensure that influences consumers attitudes by the use of strategic marketing. The company can change consumers attitude through improving the quality of the products they produce which will influence the behavior of the customers to the products (Ricchetti and Frisa, 2012). The marketing department can also ensure that the product remains in the consumers memory by increasing the level of advertising for the products. Besides, changing beliefs, adding beliefs and changing ideals is also necessary for the company to penetrate the market (Ricchetti and Frisa, 2012). Also, since consumers attitudes are greatly affected by the object, uniformity arises often within certain situation. In such scenarios, it is necessary for H&M Company to take these characteristics and improve on quality and strategies of marketing.

As for my personal recommendations, H&M fashion company has to pay more attention to online shopping and its social media. It is an up-to-date marketing tool that will bring many customers to the enterprise. The company lacks communication with customers and it results in lowered sales. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms have to be used to connect with existing customers and to reach potential clients. Needless to mention social media is a very powerful tool and it can bring thousands of customers to the brand. As it was mentioned before, online shopping is easy, takes less time and sometimes it is even more pleasant than offline shopping. Needless to mention, it is easily shared with many friends so a customers decision-making process can be impacted with friends likes and recommendations. These are just a few reasons why H&M has to pay more attention to social media profiles and online shopping as the major platform for fashion shopping in the future.