Critical Thinking Final Project: Social Media Strategy Deck

Critical Thinking Final Project: Social Media Strategy Deck

Tom Ford Fifty Shades Lip Stick Campaign

Table of Contents


SWOT Analysis of Brand and Footprint


Frequently active on social media platforms

Strong brand reputation

Eye catching idea

Everyday different experience

Limited edition


Direct control over the distribution

Products are available both online and in store

Only available few main websites (ex. Tom Ford, Saks Fifth Ave., Barneys New York…)


So limit to the quantity

Difficulty in controlling

Customers reaction in other brand lip sticks

Expensive promotion

Differentiation original products


Build competitive advantage

Reach more potential customer

Involving more audiences

Uses digital and social tools

Promoting the brand at same time

Diversification of the distribution channels

Potential growth markets


Possible problem due to the economic season

Vulnerable to reactive attack by major competitors

Possible reaction publicity

New technologies and ideas

i. What platforms are currently being used? Subscribers, Typical Posts, Engagement Levels

1. Platforms currently being used are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Weibo, and Google +

2. Their subscribers through each platform vary but gain most audiences through Facebook around 940 Thousand Followers

3. Their typical posts will be their current campaign for beauty and accessories

4. Their engagement level is not as that high with their followers but do have active shares

ii. What platform is the strongest and why?

1. Their strongest platform is Facebook because they update the most recent and frequent, also relevant posts

iii. What visual content drives traffic for the platform? [Samples with measureable impact]

1. Current is lips and boys content #TFLIPSANDBOYS

2. Which the products sold out really fast could in one day for all 50 colors limited edition

3. Also the content Tom Ford made on 6 weeks ago stated on Instagram that the original T bracelet. Not from Tiffanys (since Tiffany&Co. just launch the new Tiffany T collection) but from Tom Ford. And it hasnt left his arm since he designed it in 2007. This gain over 10K likes and 549 comments.

iv. Collaboration – Bench Mark Campaign that impacted the social community

1. Julianne Moore wore a black bugle bead fringe embroidery on organza dress from the Cruise 2015 collection to the premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 in Los Angeles

2. Which gain involve over 1K people likes on Facebook

Clear Goals of Social Media Strategy

b. Brands/ Retailers Short Term Goals

i. Increase Awareness of Launch

ii. Gain more followers on a particular Platform

iii. Goal for engagement over the campaign

iv. Introduction to a key hash-tag that may be an on going link to the brand/retailer

c. Launch Outline of Date, Location, and Influencers that will be available

i. Give an estimate of the launch. Ex. Aldos 40th Anniversary was a year launch while a store opening may be a 6-month launch.

d. Budget Restrictions [approx. 75k to 95k for medium launch to 30k to 50k for medium launch]

i. How to remain in the budget through community engagement

ii. The purpose and ROI if you decide to use key influencer for market

2. Effective Social Media Marketing

a. Identify Brand / Retailers New Consumers Expectations [What do these customer expect from the brand]

b. One Comparable Campaign or Launch

c. Brand Positioning in a Digital Space

d. Distribution of Branded Digital Content

e. Consistent Brand Voice and Messaging Across Your Social Strategy

f. Planning Development to Activation

3. Setting your Social Media Strategy for The Launch

a. Clearly State The Launch and The Goals that Will Be Met

i. Launching Tom Ford Lips and Boys the 50 shades Limited Edition

b. Walk the Client Through the Experience

c. How This Will Lead To Full Engagement and Launch Impact